Saturday, December 21, 2013

Welcome to Triloka!

Triloka literally means "three worlds".  There are many sets of three used in a good work system.
Here's a few to start with:
  • body - breath - mind
  • ojas - prana - tejas
  • martial - medical - spiritual
  • Chinese yoga - Indian yoga - Tibetan yoga
  • physical realm - realm of energy - realm of spirit
  • And of course: A-U-M
What you can expect to see on Triloka's blogs:
  • Qigong: history, context & practice
  • Chinese internal gong-fu (neijia): taiji, xing-yi, baqua, wuji, et al.
  • Yoga: history, practice, and intercourse of Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan yogas
  • Elements of an effective work system, and what is a "work system" anyway?
  • More...
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